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Christine Kelley has been my Mac go-to expert for more than a dozen years. During my work for a large hospital network, our communications and marketing division, which used Macs, relied on her for everything from monthly maintenance, troubleshooting and product research to major upgrades and installations, both hardware and software.

Because every other department used PCs, our in-house tech team did not support Mac computers, so we were fortunate to have Christine, who, in a few words, is reliable, resourceful, knowledgeable, proactive, a great problem solver, quick to respond and last, but not least, a pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth RossCommunications Consultant, Writer, Researcher

Emmit PetersonChristine is simply one of the MOST talented IT Professionals I have known during my career.

She is driven to succeed and leads by example encouraging any team member to perform to the best of their abilities. She raises the bar. She delivers a “can do” approach to any role in her path (however small or daunting the task). She is fearless and yet charming, meticulous, deeply knowledgable and committed to excellence. A complete package that is rare to find at any level.

What I find astounding is that she delivers such high impact results while appearing effortless. Her demeanor is pleasant and engaging, always willing to listen, lead or learn.

I highly recommend Christine, she is the one in a trillion.

Emmit PetersonTime, Inc.

Stacy HaaseWhen Chris first came to us we were a 2-person operation. Over the years, she provided great support as we grew into a major company.

By providing consistent technical support and maintenance on our Macs, she anticipated problems BEFORE they happened.

Her guidance with color printing helped us to resolve most of the color matching issues we had been having with our printers.

I’d recommend Christine to anyone needing professional, thoughtful customer service.

Stacy HaaseHannibal Design, London Fog, Li & Fung

Patrick TescherDuring my time working with Christine, her technical expertise and project management skills were impeccable.

Christine taught me that crisis moments are best handled with a cool head.

Patrick TescherFounder and iOS Developer at WillCall

Chris VasquezI worked with Christine Kelley on several remote projects… The project I remember most clearly can only be described as a whirlwind.

We deployed nearly 50 computers, with servers, printers, and scanners for a mobile production department in less than four days at a medical convention in San Francisco. Christine managed the entire project, from the floor plans, to the setup of the systems, to the training, through the processes we followed in production.

Christine’s professionalism, her ability to be in multiple places at once, her wealth of knowledge about the technical aspects of the systems, as well as her overall management of the high-paced project were quite impressive. And she did it all with apparent ease.

I would highly recommend Christine.

Chris VasquezFreelance Creative Director

Jane CullenChristine is a diligent and professional digital/IT expert. She knows how to solve problems, and is unfazed by the challenge. When I worked with Christine for several years… she was a stickler for process and results. Good qualities to have in this industry.

Jane CullenSaatchi & Saatchi Healthcare

Laura DuncanI learned most of what I know today about computer design from Chris. She is extremely knowledgeable, detail savvy, and has a very keen eye….

Laura DuncanGrey Healthcare Group

Standing Ovations

Reliable, resourceful, knowledgeable, proactive… a pleasure to work with. Read more
Elizabeth RossCommunications Consultant, Writer, Researcher

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