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Apple Productivity vs. Procrastination

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iPhone Error, Now what?

Uh-Oh… Now what?

Let’s face it… it’s tough enough getting over our own fears of success and/or failure without the added burden of misbehaving technology.

As overwhelmed solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, business people, employees or college students, you really don’t need any more reasons to procrastinate!

What is overwhelm and procrastination really about? Didn’t expect to see this on a “tech-support” site, did you? Let’s be clear, while I am definitely here to help you get more productive, be honest, it’s not only the technology that’s standing in your way. Sometimes, by not addressing our technology, we can procrastinate indefinitely on our personal success. Because, when it comes to procrastinating, any old excuse will do.

In addition to being a Mac Diva, I’m also a Life Coach. No pressure. There won’t be much “coaching” here… But what my being a coach does mean, is that I understand how painful & devastating procrastination can be. I am totally dedicated to getting your technology up and running.

By addressing your technological needs, and overcoming this area of procrastination, you can free up energy to get even more out of Your Life.

Watch this blog for Tips, Tricks and How to Get More Productive!

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